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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Question of the day

What would possess someone to pledge their "undying love" to someone they haven't met yet?

I will jump into this topic extensively at a later date. Feel free to add your commentary in the comments (fuel the fire, so to speak). I am busy, but I just had another man I don't know speak to me in a lovingly (and inappropriate) manner via text, and it made me think of it.

Do men think it's sexy? If "sexy" is code for "creepy," then they are all sexy beasts.

Except sexy and creepy are two different things. More to follow. Stay cool out there!

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Sadly this is so very common and it's sad. So many terribly lonely people and they find someone nice and latch on. I think this used to occur much less often because people interacted with each other more F2F so the depth of their loneliness was not as noticeable.

I've even succumbed to this near feeling myself after a stint at being on my own and I find someone who has been nicer than more recent ones and you start feeling affection for them (you think) but it is not the healthy kind.

By Blogger Bren, at 7/15/2012 9:28 PM  

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