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Monday, December 03, 2007

Only me

This could only happen to me.

As many of you know, my phone was having lots of trouble before my trip. I'd talked to Motorola and they were going to fix it when I got home. And, of course, on my trip my phone was acting up even more. On our first night, it stopped working while we were waiting for our ride to the villa, which was quite inconvenient. So, I'd already decided to send it back to get it fixed.

Last week, I printed out the e-mail they sent me and sent it off with my phone to the Motorola repair center. And I waited for my "Hey, we've got your phone!" e-mail. I was starting to get antsy because my warranty expires Dec. 12. The phone's been broken since January, but it wasn't until a few months ago that I realized the crack in it was more than cosmetic and was causing problems.

Anyhow, I waited and waited for my confirmation e-mail. I didn't get delivery confirmation or insurance on the package, because let's face it, who insures a phone that's pretty much left for dead.

Do you see it coming now? Here it is...

I called today to get a status update. And it turns out, they've changed repair centers and my phone is missing. It may be on its way back to me. It may be on its way to the new repair center. No one seems to know exactly where it's gone... The first thing the nice guy from India says: Do you have a tracking number?

Hello ... that costs extra, and I sent you a $180 piece of worthless shit. No, I have no tracking number.

He and I had a little chit-chat and he assures me that if one of us finds my phone at some point in this process, they will still repair it for free (however, he also said "Don't forget, your warranty doesn't cover liquid damage." But I did tell him that it seemed to take on moisture because of the crack that was in it and it st0pped working when it was raining. So, we'll see.)

Anyhow, I just think that it's ironic that had I purchased insurance I'd just get a brand-spanking new phone courtesy of the post office. But I figure that mine has been left for dead and I'm going to have to spend money out of my pocket to get a new one regardless.

I'll keep you posted. I'd guess that Motorola just has a huge-ass stack of pink razrs sitting around that no one wants, especially since T-mobile only offers that ugly ass gray now.

However, if worse comes to worst, it's $69.99 to upgrade now.

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