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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My VP pick

So, it is time for Barack Obama to pick a running mate. (Yes, I shuddered a little when I said that out loud.) As much as I love Hillary, she is not the right gal.

He needs someone Southern. He needs someone with military experience. He needs someone who can be a superstar on a global stage.

He needs General Wesley Clark.

I'm not positive that he can win, even with someone super awesome like Wes Clark (my 04 primary pick), but it'd really help.

Seriously, Barack should give me a call. I have ideas.

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I too like Wesley Clark, but I don't think that'll happen. I personally think he will pick Kathleen Sebelius, but I would LOVE to see him pick Chuck Hagel and throw this country for a loop.

And, unlike you, I think he has no chance of losing! bush has done far too much damage and McCain is guilty by association.


By Blogger Sheri, at 6/10/2008 3:27 PM  

If he's going to pick a woman just to pick a woman, then it should be Hillary. I'm not sure he'll have the numbers to win regardless, and the only way he can win is with the South. And the only way he can win the south is to pick some great Southern legislator that everyone loves. I just don't know who that is.

By Blogger Laura, at 6/10/2008 3:38 PM  

I really wanted Hillary to win. It hurt when she didn't. I admire the way she stuck it out though. I wouldn't mind her as VP, although she won't be too quiet about it - which the big O might not like.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/10/2008 10:36 PM  

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