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Friday, May 30, 2008

No flip-flops?!?

So, I think I mentioned that I've been having some pain in my foot. Well, yesterday after my ankle swelled to the size of a grapefruit and I wasn't really sure how I was going to walk to the bathroom, I broke down and called the doctor.

Because I'm a big gal and I've been working out, I figured it was a stress fracture. (You are more likely to get a stress fracture in the first two weeks of a new workout routine than any other time in your life, especially if you're fat.)

But it's not. I have pulled a tendon, most likely from the treadmill, which is apparently more of a torture device than I thought. It has been banned indefinitely. For now, I have to use the exercise bike, and then I can ease myself into the elliptical and walking on the track.

Of course, the worse part of my treatment plan involves footwear. Apparently wearing slides to the doctor was not the appropriate choice. No slides or flip flops until this heals. I have to have arch support. She really wants me to wear tennis shoes, and she made a face when I asked about Birkenstocks. I think she said Teva makes a sandal with support, but I am not buying new sandals. Arggh.

At least I'm still on for the Vision Walk, which is very good. AND I made my fundraising goal with my last-minute push. Next year I'm going to put more effort in and rock it, I promise!

Last night, as I was driving home I got a text. All it said was "Hey," but I replied because I really, really want to be wrong about someone falling out of love with me. And here was a text, totally unsolicited, that was obviously soliciting something.

Here's an abbreviated transcript.

Him: Hey
Me: Hey right back at ya
Him: Whatcha doin'?
Me: Driving home from work (yes, I know texting and driving is bad!). You?
Him: Nada
Me: I can't wait to get home and stick my foot in some ice.
Him: Aww.
Him: The Red Wings lost 3-2.
Me: So, they'll probably win in six, like you said and not four. Did you ever figure out what you wanted to win in our little bet?
Him: No
Me: Surely you can think of something you want me to give you...


More silence.

Check to see if phone is broken.

More silence.

Tell phone to go fuck itself and go to bed.

Phone beeps right as I'm falling asleep. Get excited and grab it, only to see it's a message from Ashley telling me we should go to the movie tomorrow before dinner.

Why did I even try? Why did he even try? Obviously something has changed if he can't even tell me anything that he'd want from me if he won a bet. This is just not the person I fell in love with. And since I'm never going to figure out what I did wrong and nothing's ever going to change, I need to do a little better at ignoring his messages.

I should ask him for pointers, because I've been back from the doctor for two hours, and he's had nothing to say about the fact that my foot is not broken.

I'm off to find a recipe for Cosmos for my Sex and the City party tomorrow. Our tickets have been purchased, so I'm sleeping just a little bit better now!

P.S. My blood pressure was normal when I went to the doctor today. And unbeknownst to everyone, yesterday was the first day in about a week that I've taken my meds. Maybe as soon as I get back on track with the gym and start losing weight, it'll be OK for good.

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My official decision of the whole "boys" subject is that they all suck, plain and simple. I am glad that your injury was not more serious. I know you want to get in shape but you have to remember to take care of yourself so that you can get there without causing damage to other areas.

By Blogger rosalie, at 5/30/2008 3:35 PM  

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