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Monday, November 24, 2008

For Anthony...

In case you're new to my blog: I like the Virgin Islands.

And when I'm not in the Virgin Islands, I like to spend time talking to IIFs* about the Virgin Islands. We discuss such informative topics as:
  • Which beach is best?
  • Cooler as checked luggage or carry-on?
  • Do I even need a cooler?
  • Villa, condo, boat or camping?
  • Am I brave enough to go to Trunk Bay when there are three cruise ships in port?
  • Charter boat vs. ferry?
  • Which rum goes best with diet coke?

Anyhow, perhaps you've been to this little piece of heaven in the Caribbean Sea. Maybe you're trying to figure out how to score a spot on my next trip (just ask!). Or perhaps, you're just bored at work. Regardless, you might enjoy the VI Online Forum!

My IIF Anthony is the owner of the Web site, and he's trying to get up to 2,000 registered users by the end of the year. I told him I'd post a little advertisement for him here. Listening to thousands of people you don't know wax on about the VIs has to be better than reading this boring old blog anyhow!

Go check it out. Don't forget to register to help Anthony out.

I'm not telling you who I am there. You have to guess!

*IIF=Imaginary Internet Friend

Song of the day: "She Wouldn't Be Gone" by Blake Shelton.

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