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Sunday, November 23, 2008


I had a really weird dream last night. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I dreamed actually happened. This has happened to me before, and it always freaks me out a little. But lately it seems to be happening more often. Just a little creepy.

Anyhow, sometimes I wonder if I'll always be haunted by ghosts. I just wish there were a way to get all the shitty things in our lives to be in some permanent file that we never had to access ever again in our lives. Even things that seemed OK end up haunting me sometimes.

I don't like to rehash the past. There's nothing you can do about it anyhow. So, I shouldn't really worry about it when other people want to rehash it and force it to haunt you. Nothing's going to change.

But maybe I still need to work on the haunting. I need to be in control of my own feelings. I learned that this week, if nothing else.

Song of the day: (my new favorite song) "Last Call" by Lee Ann Womack.

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