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Friday, December 12, 2008

See? This is why.

As you may have recently noticed, I am disturbed by our country's obsession with weight. I think it's a good thing for people who are 400 pounds to lose weight however they have to. That's not healthy. But, I just got this article about Candace Cameron and how she lost all this weight in my e-mail. (How I got on US Magazine's mailing list is beyond me, because you know I am really not in to celebrity gossip at all.) Anyhow, Candace was a little chubby on "Full House" you know, 20 years ago, but she's never been obese. But, anyhow, Candace has lost 22 pounds all by herself.

I want you all to read the article.

COVER STORY: How Full House's Candace Cameron Lost Her "Chubby" Weight Friday December 12, 2008

Candace Cameron explains in the newest issue of Us Weekly how she went from what she calls a "chubby" child star to a hot mom of three!

The former Full House actress, 32, lost 22 pounds without the typical Hollywood help: trainers, surgery or a special diet prepared by a chef. Those perks, she says, are "not realistic" for most people, and she credits her own change in eating and exercise for her change.

Cameron - who currently weighs 110 pounds, and is "5'2" - says she began putting pressure on herself to lose weight as a teenager on the set of Full House.

"Then when I was 16, I filmed an episode of Full House where my family goes to Disney World. I remember putting on baggy overalls just to hide my stomach," she says. "When I watched it, I was pretty disappointed and bummed out looking at myself...I didn't feel good about my own body."

After trying trying to follow a diet plan without much success, Cameron turned to diet pills and "stuff like that, which never worked."

"You try bad things here and there," she admits.

Her weight roller coaster continued after after marrying Russian-born, former NHL player Valeri Bure in 1996.

"When I first met Val, I would eat as much food as him - but then he would play hockey for three hours!" she says. (Bure, 34, retired from the NHL in 2006, and started Bure Family Wines.)

Then Cameron - who, at her heaviest, weighed 132 pounds - struggled with weight during her first pregnancy to her daughter Natasha, who's now 10 years old. (She's also mom to Lev, 8, and Maksim, 6.)

To stay slim, the actress now eats an easy-to-do diet featured in the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands now, and follows a basic program, also revealed in the magazine.

Even though she's now a size 0, Cameron still faces pressure in Hollywood to be even thinner. While filming her recent Hallmark Channel flick, Moonlight & Mistletoe, the female director would instruct Cameron to "Suck it in!" she says.

To see more amazing photos of Cameron's fit body after three kids, and get step-by-step instructions of her exact diet and workout plan, pick up the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

Is it any wonder, that I feel pressure to be thin? That any of us do? I am loving the trainer, and I have a suspicion it's going to be the best thousands of dollars that I have ever spent in my life. However, I just want to warn you all now that I am never going to be a size zero. Those of you who have met me in real life know that I am a big girl. Even before I was fat, I was always big. And my first-day-of-training assessment confirmed that. I have an athletic frame. Right now, I have 136 pounds of bones, skin and muscles. That's not going anywhere when I lose weight. All I'll lose is fat and probably build some more muscles. Sure, I'll be fit when I get done losing, but I'll never be some tiny little thing. Maybe that's why I hate that everyone thinks that the only thing to be is a tiny little thing. I think if you tell a size zero that she needs to suck it in, it's no wonder that everyone has body-image issues.

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Hollywood has always had a weird obsession with being thin!!
Let me get this right, you are 136lbs right now or that is your goal?

You are small in stature and do not want to lose too much too fast.
The good thing is the trainer will help so when you lose your skin does not become loose.I

I think you will find having someone to work with on
eating habits
aerobic conditioning
strength and flexibility
is good for all of us.

Most people I have worked with that are heavier are emotional eaters. Either they do not eat at all or they pick.
I personally think this country has a really bad opinion of food, like food is the enemy

By Anonymous Rosi, at 12/12/2008 7:17 PM  

No, I am not 136 pounds right now. That's how much I weigh without my fat, so I'll never actually weigh that much.

I think I have used this quote in my blog before, but it's worth repeating or mentioning, if I haven't. The problem with a food addiction is that you can't go "cold turkey" off food. If you were addicted to anything else in the world, you could just give it up, but with food you still have to eat, whether you're addicted or not. In many ways, I'd rather be addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, gambling or something else...

By Blogger Laura, at 12/15/2008 9:29 AM  

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