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Thursday, December 04, 2008

O Christmas Tree


For those of you who have known me for a while, you probably also know that I used to have a pretty awesome Christmas Party every year. I had all kinds of different things to eat, lovely decorations and, due to my awful lack of planning the very first year, we always trimmed my tree. If the party ended early enough, we'd go out and drive around looking at Christmas lights afterward. It was tons of fun.

I haven't done that since I moved here. When I lived at Carol's, she went all-out with the decorating the day after Thanksgiving. And working at Cool Springs' Land of Misfit Toys really did a number on my social life.

So, this year I'm pretty much by myself. My "normal" decorations are all in storage, although I have bought some inexpensive balls and a pre-lit tree for the house. And, it's totally last-minute, but I've decided that it's time to resurrect my annual tree-trimming party. This morning I found the perfect evite and sent it out, and I already have my first "yes" response. So, I'm hoping that at least a few folks will show up, but I know fun will be had.

If you live in Nashville and are reading this and have no Saturday evening plans, feel free to come over. There'll be Christmas music, spiced cider, tasty appetizers and decorating the tree while the fireplace keeps us cozy. What more could you want?

Maybe next year I'll get some of my stuff out of storage and it'll be the huge affair that it usually is. I'm just coming off our Thanksgiving feast, so this will be a scaled-back version, but it will still be fun!

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Dang! I wish I lived down your way!!
I'm gonna go pout....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/04/2008 2:33 PM  

You're going to miss the bathroom candles that smell like Christmas cookies. :-(

By Blogger Laura, at 12/04/2008 2:36 PM  

awwww man!! I looooove those candles!!
(still pouting)
btw I just about spit my coffee on my keyboard when I saw you refer(did I spell that right?? LOL) to a certain someone as EM!! ROTFLMBO. that's classic. It's gonna stick too. I cant see him without thinking EM. you've ruined me!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/04/2008 8:22 PM  

it deffinitely sounds like you are in better spirits and that is great.

By Blogger rosalie, at 12/08/2008 8:08 AM  

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