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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hi, I'm Polly. Polly Homemaker.

OK, let's briefly ignore the fact that I chose to sleep instead of take my Christmas decorations down on January 6th. I'll do it tonight. I promise.

But, other than that, the urge to be Polly Homemaker is in full effect.

I am rushing home in a few minutes to make spaghetti with garlic bread and maybe a caesar salad. One thing is for sure: there'll be awesome wine, because Jane got me awesome wine for Christmas.

I'm thinking I'll use the rest of the beef cubes to make beef stew in the crock pot in a few days.

I'm also going to try my hand at making "Chinese take-out" lemon chicken. You know, lighten up my restaurant favorites?

I need to go grocery shopping. This diet thing is hard when you don't have food. Which is not really true. I have plenty of food. It's just a question whether it's food I want to eat or not.

One could make the assumption that I am enjoying cooking so much because I have a guinea pig who eats everything I put on the table. Of course, this means more cooking because there are less leftovers.

Which is fine, because if I had to eat one more cabbage roll...

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