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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Little milestones

When you have as much work to do as I do, you start to savor those little milestones.

That's why I want to share one.

When I first started with the trainer in December, we did some tests to see how strong I was.

One of those tests was to see how long I could do a wall squat. I barely made it 10 seconds before I collapsed.

Today, I did my wall squat for more than a minute.

And, have I told you that I'm pretty sure I have less back fat?

(Now that we're done talking about my back fat, I want to take a second for a political sidebar. I'm sure this Burris chap from Illinois is a great guy. But, it doesn't matter if he's white, black or has polka dots, he couldn't believe that Blagojevich's appointment would stand. It is not a racist thing. It's not even against Burris. The man who appointed you has been indicted for trying to sell a Senate seat to the highest bidder. That's shady, even by Chicago standards. Surely Mr. Burris has to realize that even if there were no shenanigans involved in his appointment, until this mess is figured out, it's just not going to fly. Oh well, just another day in Washington.)

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