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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Two days in a row... I hope no one at home has a heart attack.

Actually, writing is cathartic. Especially when I am writing about things other than "How to help your mother adjust to the nursing home." It's helpful to the reader and somewhat interesting, but sometimes work gets blah, you know.

Things are coming along in my home. I got a new vacuum, and the carpets look brand new. Definitely an exciting new purchase. And, I like vacuuming now, so that's a plus. Maybe if I get a fancy new washer and dryer, I will like to do laundry? No, let's not push it.

This weekend, my friend is moving into my guest room. It has been quiet all by myself, so that will be a nice change. She picked out the color for her bedroom, which desperately needed painting, and it's kind of a dark teal. I think it will be nice.

In my bedroom and bathroom, I have picked out the colors, but we aren't quite to painting time yet. We'll get there, but not yet. My bathroom is going to look like the color of the water at Maho and my bedroom walls are going to be the color of sand. We'll see how it turns out in the end, but the samples look pretty good.

Downstairs, I don't have too many plans. Because of the open floor plan, I am going to put crown molding in the living room and dining room to define the formal space. My buffet has arrived, but it's in two boxes in the kitchen, patiently awaiting its assembly.

The bathroom is the most pressing project, and it's not even necessary. I am just trying to put my own touch on the house. I will probably paint this week while I am doing the other room, I just need to pick out the rest of the art and accessories. I heard a rumor that TJ Maxx's home store has an Eiffel Tower wall mural that would be perfect. Excellent.

Eventually, I have plans for the kitchen. Not too much, because I like my kitchen. But I want to put in a copper tile backsplash and butcher block counters. Maybe paint the cupboards white? I haven't decided for sure on that... That's more long term than the other stuff.

I will post pictures once things are done. It might be a while. After all, my furniture is still in storage. :)

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