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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Odds and ends

This isn't a real post, just a few thoughts.

First of all, there is a fine line between being forgiving and understanding and being a sucker. Always remember that.

Second of all, I keep wondering when this blog will stop getting me in trouble. Probably never, but I guess that's OK. At least if people are pissed off, you know they're paying attention.

Third, a friend told me to do a post on politics. While I normally find that to be an interesting topic and it lets me use that $30,000 piece of paper on my wall, frankly, right now I am frightened for America. Perhaps I wouldn't be if I didn't have that piece of paper. Or carried guns.

Lastly, I forgot to tell you one of the best things about my friend Cindy during my Cindy love-fest. Cindy hails from Alabama, and she is a true Sweet-Potato-Queens-and-Steel-Magnolias Southern lady. She has given me some of her great Southern recipes (right up there with Paula Deen). She will fight until the day is over for the Crimson Tide. She has taught me much about life in the South, and she loves me even though I don't particularly like grits. But maybe my favorite thing about her Southern charm is that when she signs her name, she signs "Mrs. Husband's Name."

I think that is so cool. So Southern. It makes me want to drink sweet tea on a veranda.

Some people might say it's out-dated and old-fashioned, but Cindy is neither of those things. She's just proper, and she was raised right. She is a strong, amazing Southern woman. If life were truly Steel Magnolias, she would be Sally Field's character.

And I would be that ditzy chick that helped Dolly Parton at the beauty shop :)

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