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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


This month's NaBloPoMo topic was to blog daily with a one-word subject describing your mood and where you were. Oops. I failed horribly, considering it's March 8. Although I was going to fail anyhow, because I am headed to Florida for some fun in the sun on Thursday and you know how I feel about computers in paradise. And blogging on my Blackberry sucks.

So, this is it until I return from the land of beaches and baseball.

Must. Get. A. Tan.

I am excited to see Juanito. He was looking very grown up on the Joe's Crab Shack website today. Let me tell you, that bebito is a LEGEND already.

I am always excited to see my family these days. I miss them. Gary and Kori aren't able to come, but I will get to see them next month for Kori's shower.

Things are gearing up for the Vision Walk too. Not getting much interest in my team, but I'm hoping to raise a lot of money. It will hurt not having the breakfast this year, but I will still try to get some money raised. Every year I say I'm going to plan all year, and I never do. I just get so busy.

But you all knew that. You poor, dear readers knew that I get busy and neglect things. I will try harder when I get back. I promise.

Because lots of assholes who can't write are getting followings on their blogs and get to write books. Real books that make money. Because they have followers. So, perhaps I should pay more attention to this blog and actually write something worth reading. (I will also say, there are lots of GREAT bloggers who may or may not have book deals. I'm just mystified by this whole "If you build it, they will come" philosophy to writing.)

Speaking of great writing, I got to interview an up-and-coming country star yesterday and the piece turned out really well. I am super excited about it.

But, honestly, having a job that I love where I get to write and be creative and have health insurance is good. I have a feeling life can be better, but right now it doesn't suck.

I'll see you all in a week or so. I'm going to the beach.

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Nobody will ever believe in you as much as you believe in yourself – that means, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! If you have a job where you get to write, AWESOME. Good job, keep up the good writing. Everything happens for a reason. :)

By Blogger Swank, at 3/31/2011 12:59 AM  

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