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Monday, December 31, 2007

Life's mysteries...

It's the Monday after the end of regular-season play for the National Football League.

The Titans made the play-offs, which is definitely one of life's mysteries.

However, the biggest mystery in football is how Matt Millen has a job.

GMs and owners all over the NFL cleaned house today. Coaches and managers who couldn't produce results were shown the door.

And Bill Ford has yet to extract his head from Matt Millen's ass.

Detroiters are tough folks. We're resilient. There are still hundreds of thousands of us sitting on the sinking ship that is our city, hoping and praying that the auto industry somehow becomes what it was "back in the day." We remember a time where we all drove American cars and everyone had good jobs and their entire families had great health benefits.

We've all always stood by the Lions, too. Regardless of how shitty they were. But more people drive Toyotas than Chevrolets now, and some of us have abandoned our cold, gritty urban playground for other cities. For me, I headed south to warmer climates. (It's 60 here today.) I have a good job, which is more than I can say for many folks I know back home.

Maybe the fact that Matt Millen is the shittiest manager in the history of football and has no plan to ever make the Lions any type of team is just one more indicator that Detroit is a city past its prime.

Or maybe Bill Ford (and every auto industry executive, really) is just totally out of touch with reality.

I'll admit, since I left I've pretty much been a Colts fan full-on. I cheered for both teams before, but we'll just say my allegiance shifted because it's too hard to get Lions games when you don't have Channel 7 and leave it at that.

Regardless, I bet half the out-of-work assembly line workers from Ford could transform the Lions into a winning team before Matt Millen could. reality show? "Who wants to be an NFL General Manager?"

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I was very much disappointed in the game; I know we can't win them all. I have to agree that I can't see how some people in the NFL are still employed.

By Blogger rosalie, at 1/01/2008 7:10 PM  

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