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Monday, June 30, 2008


So, I finally finished almost all of my magazine. (I am just waiting for the final OK from a few people in the office.)

Really, this should make me happy. It should get to Travis (our printer) no later than tomorrow, and we should be right on track with our printing and mailing deadlines.

So, why do I have a migraine now?

I do have to clean up my office and I have been worrying about other stuff like work, money and whether or not my roommate will hate me if she actually has to spend time with me in the house. It's not so much that as I'm worried that she'll want her house all to herself again, and I'll end up on the street. Carol just rented my old room last week, so that's out of the question.

I am going to go eat lunch and drink a Coke Zero in hopes that my migraine will subside. If not, I guess I only have a few hours until I get to go home, and I'm not sure that I'm going to do anything more challenging than clean out of my magazine-created hell that is currently all over my office.

I'm hoping that maybe I'll have more to say soon. I know that I want to tell you about my favorite customer at Toys R Us. I am debating whether or not to tell you about my current angst in KennyLand. I probably won't. It's just a chapter in the book I'd rather not re-read. I've just had a lot of hostility lately with all the crazies arriving in my town later this week.

Also of note: I thought I would mention that this week is the one-year anniversary of when I met the guy who is now permanently referred to as "Married Guy." I had it bad for that son of a bitch, in case y'all didn't notice. He was so sweet, but a constant reminder that my gut is rarely wrong. That night that I left him back at Legends, I said to Kay in the car on the way home: "He has to be married, because no guy that awesome wouldn't have gotten snatched up yet." He was hot, too. He would've been perfect had his wife not changed her mind about leaving him.

They're still together. I know this because I looked him up online recently, just for kicks and giggles. His telephone is now listed as "Mark A and Hollie J" rather than just under his name. I'm glad that he's trying to make it work, since he didn't want to be divorced and all, but I wonder exactly how happy he is when she's obviously doing lots of little things to remind the ladies that he's unavailable.

It was a nice run while it lasted, and it's not like I sat around for the past year and pined over some married guy who lives 200 miles away... But, he was a good friend while he was around. He even tried to be one after Hollie came back, but I knew if his marriage was important to him that I needed to let him go so that it wouldn't cause trouble with her. I'm not sure I could've just been his friend anyhow, even though I do worry about him terribly, especially knowing how many jobs and shifts Ford has cut at the plant where he works (worked?).

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