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Friday, January 30, 2009

Wanna see something cool?

Hi, all. I have something cool to show you.

Go to You Tube, and watch the video for Toby Keith's new song "God Love Her."

I don't normally like TK, but I loved this song before I saw the video. But then I saw it, and the coolness happened.

Last Sunday, my man and I are watching TV, and the video came on.

Me: That looks a lot like your church.

It is, and that's what makes it cool. On our way back to his house, he took me there and we went inside and he showed me around. The minister was there, who offered no guilt trip because we went to see Bobby sing and slept right through the service. (I'm Catholic, so I still have guilt. And now, I'm going to Tunica this weekend. I hate missing church.) He did, however, tell us all about the video and all the changes TK made for the shooting. They've left most of them, which makes some of the old timers a little grumpy.

It's a good video. And it's a very cool church. Reminds me of Mt. Hermon.

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