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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, this week I learned that you need to check under your seats for sippy cups after the kiddo goes back to her mama's. Otherwise, you will be saying "Why does my car smell like rotten milk?" right before you find a week-old sippy cup with what appears to be chocolate cottage cheese in it.

I am still not very good at pretending to be a stepmom on the weekends. I am learning. This past weekend Chris left me alone with the baby a few times (including taking a separate car to church), and he says I am doing better. Apparently it's not good to be uptight with a two-year-old. But you all know that I tend to be a glass-empty kind of gal, and all I can think about is what the baby can accidentally eat/break/fall down, and I kind of freak out at the littlest things.

I also learned that we need to go to Toyland and get some things to entertain her during church. Because the minister was a good sport about it Sunday, but I'm pretty sure her antics, including stealing the toys of another child, will start to wear on his nerves soon.

I'm still not positive that I will be strong and/or fast enough to do the half-marathon in April, but I'm going to keep working toward it. That's all I can do. I love that Chris has been walking with me. He told me yesterday that he is wearing clothes that he hasn't been able to get into for years.

But he wouldn't let me tell him that there was chicken sausage, whole wheat pasta and low-fat cheese in our baked ziti last night.

His birthday is Thursday, and I still don't know what to get him. I'm making him a nice dinner, but I have no present at this point. I think I might get him an Autozone gift card because he wants to rebuild the engine in his Comet, and he doesn't need to spend all his money on car parts.

Shelby's birthday is next week and I have been picking things up here and there at work. I got her a few new outfits, and I think I am going to get her one of those kitchen-cleaning playsets, because she is always trying to steal brooms and mops and do housework. I think she'd like that. And maybe some books. I like to read to her before bed.

Speaking of Toyland, they finally told our boss to shape up or ship out, and he chose ship out. This does not surprise me. I can't say that I am sad to see him go. I don't deal well with passive-aggressive people, and someone who throws away absence requests and swears you never turned them in rather than tell you can't have a day off, is just a tiny bit passive-aggressive.

The rumor mill says that a certain manager extraordinaire from West Tennessee, who also happens to be one of my dearest friends, might be replacing him. But, considering this person has been screwed out of so many promotions it's not funny, I'm not getting my hopes up until he calls me and asks me if I can close on Tuesday.

I've already told him that I have a life, so not to do that so much.

But, then again, I also spend most of my check there these days, so maybe a few extra hours wouldn't kill me.

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I am out of the loop, is Shelby.
Chris's little one?
They have birthdays near each other?
That is cool

By Anonymous Rosi, at 2/13/2009 4:42 PM  

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