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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday the 13th

In some Latin American cultures, it's not Friday the 13th you worry about, but Martes (Tuesday) the 13th. Having spent many years learning Spanish from Latinas and having Mexican family members now, I'm generally a little superstitious about this day.

But today is going well. I started my day getting up at 4:45 and taking my roommate to the airport. Then I went to the gym and got a few miles in, took a shower and went to work.

I am pleased to report that I have lost 7.5 pounds in the first week. I am not starving myself, but I am measuring out my food and making better choices. I am spending tons of time at the gym, and it is really helping my stupid arthritic knee to work out more.

I think the biggest change that I am making is to eliminate negative people from my life. I have put a few people in timeout, and, as you know, banished a few people from the kingdom. While my blog is no longer private because that isn't fair to the NICE people who want to read it (although I really do hate that the comments are currently disabled...we'll get past that soon enough), I really do want to encourage those who are no longer part of my life to just stop reading here. Go into your favorites and delete this Web site, because you really don't matter to me AT ALL. And, for the love of God, don't send me any of your whiny, bitchy, passive-aggressive, bullshit e-mails because I see they are from you and I delete them without reading them. You matter so little that I don't care enough to block you. So, you're wasting a lot of energy that you could be putting toward something positive. Maybe you should even get out the iPod and run a little bit yourself. It might clear your head.

And, the endorphins are almost as good as the ones you get from having sex and God knows you could stand to get laid...

Anyhow, Happy Tuesday the 13th. If anything goes wrong, blame the Hispanics. The racists in this country blame them for everything else anyway. :(

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