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Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Information Age

While I would love to tell you more about how I've watched nothing but ESPN, Disney and the local news with a girl who was quite unfortunate-looking in HDTV (I shouldn't say more; I probably went to journalism school with her.), instead I am going to blog some more about this age of information saturation that we are in and how Facebook has enabled you to not only reconnect with your long-lost BFF from high school, but also to know when he last took a poop.

Thanks, Mark Zuckerburg. You definitely deserve a crisp billion-dollar bill for that shit.

(Sidebar: remember when I didn't believe that "blog" should be used as a verb? Well, times they are a' changin'. However, blogs are just a vehicle for my writing, really. So I should say write. Oh well, will try harder next time.)

Surprisingly, this latest post about over-sharing and Facebook is not about my friend who likes to tweet about drinking milk. Although I hear she recently made some cookies. This is about my friend who's gone to crazytown on her diet.

I'm all for dieting. Hell, I've been dieting since 1984. And, since I'm at my fattest weight ever, I probably should diet.

But do I really need to know every time you eat some Special K or do a sit-up. Nah, I can probably live.

I don't care if you have one of those apps that updates your Facebook after you run. In fact, if I ever run again, I will probably get one. But "Two egg whites and veggie sausage links. Yay!" is crazy, especially because people eat breakfast everyday. And, if you're really working to lose weight, you do sit-ups everyday.

So, that's pretty much the summary of her FB posts: eat healthy stuff, work out, talk about other issues relating to eating healthfully and working out.

She's a nice person, and I wouldn't defriend her for it. After all, remember how upset I was when someone defriended me for -- gasp -- supporting health care reform? (Actually, that happened twice and both times the people were pretty much assholes. And both were people I considered to be pretty good friends. Now I consider them to be Class A jerks. I'm hoping they always were.)

Anyhow, it's not that I disagree with her. Actually, I'm sitting here, super-fat and eating fudge for breakfast, and thinking perhaps I could benefit from reading these posts. But then I realize that what upsets me is that a) I'm sad for her. Is her only existence focused on weight loss? and b) I kind of wonder what she thinks of me. Does she look at me and get sad like she does for the people on the Biggest Loser?

I didn't used to worry that people, especially my friends judged me and felt sorry for me. But lately, it just seems like the signs of the times. And it doesn't help that right now, I'm not terribly happy with how I look so that emanates from me.

But, soon enough, the holidays will be over and we'll be back to Eggos for breakfast.

Oops, I hope that's not too much sharing.

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I have never joined Facebook although I have been invited a few times by friends. My emails keep me busy when I am online. But your blog doesn't sound like much of interest appears on Facebook. Our daily newspaper keeps reporting on bad things that occur on Facebook when evil people prey on unsuspecting members.

By Blogger GladysMP, at 12/09/2010 4:42 PM  

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