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Saturday, December 04, 2010

We all have our vices

So, 31 days to let you all figure out who I am and what makes me tick. Surely that includes a few confesions, right?

I'm a bitch before I have coffee. And sometimes I'm still unpleasant after two cups, but that is probably has nothing to do with Juan Valdez.

I love chocolate. With the exception of chocolate-covered bananas, if it is has chocolate I will probably eat it. But I hate bananas.

But, perhaps the most serious problem that I have is that I am addicted to Bath and Body Works.

I went to college in Ohio in the mid-90s. Bath & Body Works was started in the 90s in Ohio by Les Wexner, who owns just about everything. OK, maybe just The Limited Brands. Regardless, he's a billionaire and the person behind Bath & Body Works. And when I started college, they didn't have one on every corner. You had to make a day of it and go spend a fortune in Columbus, purchasing lotions, soaps, shower gels and whatever else you needed.

And, I did it. And once they built one in Athens, where I went to college, and then later moved to a big city, I realized that I always got caught up in their "more is less" promotions. (One soap might be $4, but if you buy 3, they are 3 for $10.)

Anyhow, years and years of my love for all things that smell delicious caught up with me when I moved earlier this year. I found bubble baths, soaps, lotions, that were still in the box delivered to me from their online store. I moved all of these boxes with me and then said, "You are not buying anymore Bath and Body Works until you use what you already have."

I have been making progress, but I am pretty sure I could provide free bath products to dirty people for at least another year without buying anything new. And, true to my plan, I deleted all of their e-mails promising free gifts and savings with my purchases.

Well, that was until I got some housewarming gifts. Apparently, giving smellies for your house from Bath and Body Works makes a nice housewarming gift. They really do, I am being seduced by the aroma of the strawberry scent bug in my downstairs bathroom while I write this.

However, this week, I had to break down and go inside. My new wallflower air freshener needed a refill. It did not, however, need six, but they were only $4 each if you bought six. So, that's what I bought.

I did not buy holiday soaps or candles or sugar scrub, so I still consider this a victory.

Or at least a manageable loophole.

Now, I must go upstairs and take a bubble bath with last year's after-Christmas clearance chocolate peppermint bubble bath.

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Oh my word! You spent time in Ohio? Puhleese. Can we talk?

First, my daughter used to work for Express and got that to-die-for 40% discount on a lot Wexner's businesses. When she married and move to the O.C. (when you live there, you're not supposed to call it that, but that's how everyone knows it), she was transferred to the Costa Mesa store and THAT was fun too! Her downstairs bathroom is positively stocked with the bottles of fragrant handcleaner soaps. Yums.

Also, if you went to Athens (OU?), you're familiar with the historic, ancient sanitorium there that is reputedly haunted. I broke into that a couple of years ago and go to that creepy winding stairway to the 3rd floor where the "crime" happened. It was so creepy....

Anyway, I'm in Columbus right now. So.... this where I think you're Daisy and then you're not and I'm totally talking to someone else?


By Blogger The Katzbox, at 12/04/2010 9:28 PM  

Boy, did you blog hit home here! I am not the guilty party who filled by bathroom shelves with a lifetime of products. My mother-in-law was the only customer that her Avon lady needed to become wealthy and I happened to marry mom-in-law's only son. I got beauty and bath items for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or just anytime my mother-in-law learned of an Avon bargain. Fortunately Avon makes products that smell delightful, for I will never run out of their soap. Sadly, my mother-in-law died, but Avon lives on in my bathroom!

By Blogger GladysMP, at 12/09/2010 4:03 PM  

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