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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

That's love

Holy hell.

I must really love myself, because starting Tuesday I am paying a gal named Jenny $50 an hour to torture me.

Yes, I have a new personal trainer, and I am going to start meeting her on my lunch break. She thinks we need to do two sessions per week, and I told her we'd do that to get started but might have to cut down to one at some point.

Of course, this means that I'll have to clean my own damn house because I can't afford Jenny and a cleaning lady. That makes me want to go home and mop.

I'm trying to figure out if I should come up with my own food plan or work on that with Jenny. I need to come up with something.

Oh, and I think I mentioned that as part of my new quest for better health that I am getting back to my half-marathon training. The plan is to do the Country Music Marathon here in April and then Detroit in October. In 2010, I want to do 8 Tuff Miles on St. John and the Las Vegas Half-Marathon. I need to just always be training for a race, and then I'll have no time to get lazy.

I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I have worked on everything else. I'm doing well financially; I have a good job that I love; and I'm happy with myself inside, so now it's time to work on the outside.

I'm not doing it because I'm miserable. I'm doing it because I know I can do it, and I want to be a better person.

I've made a lot of decisions in the last year or so to help me be a better person. After some of them, 13.1 miles in four hours is nothing.

(Of course, this means that my 2009 St. John trip will most likely actually be in 2010. It's expensive to travel in season, and I'm not camping at Cinnamon if I have to run the most excruciating race of my entire life. Besides, I suspect that Jenny the personal trainer could possibly break me before then.)

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You go girl! Sounds like a good plan.

By Blogger Sheri, at 12/02/2008 6:17 PM  

wow!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!
That sound soooo exciting!!
I'm pulling for you.
I know you can and will do it.
Way to go.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/03/2008 7:47 AM  

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