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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Home sweet home

So, I am finally getting settled into my new house, and I love it. And, I think aside from a few heres and theres, I'm done spending money like a fool for now.

I had my housewarming party Friday and we had a great crowd. I will see if I can post a few photos over here. There are some on my Facebook.

Aside from not having unpacked my bedroom and bathroom yet, my house is pretty much finished. The only real things I still have to do is find a few more pieces of art and find a wooden door for my dining room table, but other than that, we're pretty much there.

I might make a little video tour for everyone once I get things rolling. That'd be cute.

Being a homeowner doesn't suck. I've already had one little battle with the HOA, but considering no one replied to the letter I sent addressing their issues, I'm guessing they've realized I am not one they want to mess with.

Oh, I've also had a broken circuit and hot water heater and I STILL can't get the cold water in the upstairs bathroom to work. But, all in all, still better than renting.

I will post photos soon. As soon as I find someone to help me paint the bathroom.