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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My favorite girl

I was feeling really old today in Toyland. The kids just keep getting newer and newer and my Holly Hobby and Miss Piggy loving ways grow less appreciated. Toyland does keep me young, but makes me feel hopelessly outdated all at the same time.

So, I came home from work and was researching day sails for vacation online and watching House reruns when I got a text: NKOTB is on VH1 and I am dvr-ing it.

I flipped it right over, of course. And, it's not just a special. It is the special of all specials.

NKOTB. Live. Opening night of World Tour. Boston Garden. Haven't played together in 15 years.

And these boys haven't missed a beat. They look just like they did 20 years ago. Only hotter. (I know. I didn't think it was possible either.)

I am not going to lie. I just squealed when Jordan whipped out the falsetto in "My Favorite Girl," which, by the way, is one of my favorite NKOTB songs.

I feel like a teenager again. Fuck High School Musical. This is "The Right Stuff." (Last time I was at a New Kids concert, I didn't know the word "fuck." Such progress, so little time.)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beach day

I could use a beach day. Here's beautiful, perfect Trunk Bay.


Friday, September 26, 2008

See? I'm not the only one...

Yesterday, I raved about how much I hate Facebook. This article in today's City Paper was interesting. She doesn't say she hates Facebook, but she does point out yet another reason that Facebook sucks.

And, let's face it: My hatred of social networking was somewhat inspired by my boyfriend befriending someone I knew he'd slept with... before he befriended me, I might add. I don't know if they still talk, because I don't talk to her. In fact, I have never, ever mentioned his name to her since the night she decided she hated me (you'll remember she gave me a reprieve and re-friended me long enough for me to get a birthday dinner and a ride home from the airport, and then she was gone again). I trust him, and I'd like to believe all the things he's said about her that would lead one to conclude that they're not pals. She's never spoken fondly of him either, which is unfortunate, because he's a wonderful person.

What was I saying: Oh yeah. Facebook. Still hate it.

This morning, I realized a few things I thought I would share. I think I forgot one, but if I remember it, I will post it.

1. I never realized Tim McGraw smoked until I moved here and saw him smoking.
2. I truly believe the reason people are fat is because McDonald's orange juice is four times the normal serving size, maybe six. I just know it's huge.

I wish I could remember the other one. Obviously at one point in my life I thought it was important enough to share.

I'm having lunch at Hooters today, and then it's back to diet land for me. I can still lose a few pounds before vacation.

I didn't making anything for the debate party I am supposed to go to tonight. I'm still thinking that McCain won't come.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


It's ironic that in my quest for privacy, I am blogging. I don't know. I guess I feel like I owe everyone an explanation in case I disappear for a while, because I'm really thinking about it. And, of course, I'm too lazy to hand-write anything, so my journal was abandoned years ago. I have a notebook I'll take on vacation again this year, because I'd rather eat hot rocks than take a laptop to paradise. However, I am my most inspired on St. John, and when you're a writer sometimes that means you wish you had a laptop. If I have my great literary epiphany, we'll just hope there's plenty of ink in my Bic pen.

I think I've mentioned it here before, but I know my negative feelings about social networking have increased significantly. I'm even starting to hate my blog.

Because Laura, the former girl whose life was an open book -- ask me anything!, wants some privacy. I don't want people in my business unless I personally communicate it to them. And, if you're reading this and you are my friend and I love you (which is most likely the case if you still read this shift), I'm probably just keeping up with my blog because a) if I don't bitch, my head will explode and b) I want my friends who care enough to read this to know what's going on with me.

But the 322 people I've accumulated in the past three, four years on MySpace? Most of those people/bands/politicians aren't even my real friends. Some of the people on there who used to be my dearest friends aren't in my life anymore. And, because I hesitate to write people off, that means there is most likely a very good reason that they aren't in my life anymore. Of course, with some people we've just drifted apart or gotten busy. But not being in my life means you don't get to know what's going on, even though I have a few days where I want to shout from the rooftops how great things are going. I haven't even told my closest friends everything going on in my life, so why would I tell strangers? I don't want anyone's commentary right now (because the people I have shared things with have had commentary, believe me), and I don't want people in my business who don't need to be there. That's what caused so much of the problems in the first place. I'm not rehashing all the bullshit that's gone on in my life in the last few years, but I'm pretty sure that maybe 99.1 percent of it would have never happened if it weren't for the Internet. Now, I'm not saying I hate the Internet or rue the day I bought a Mac in 1996, but I have had a lot of grief because of the Internet. I have made some of my dearest friends because of an initial e-mail or such, but there are a lot of nuttos on their computers sitting at home causing trouble.

I think I'm just anti-social networking. I don't mind keeping people updated on my blog because it's my blog, and I control the content. If you want to know if I have anything to say, you check here. If this is still here six days from now, assume I have nothing to say. On Facebook, if you have something to say the whole freaking place knows about it. I swear that if you picked your nose while you were online, Facebook would say "Laura picked her nose today." Except Facebook knows your whole name and your birthdate and where you live and what you do. Fuck privacy.

I want people to read my blog. I'm a writer. If people stop reading what I write, I'll have to find something else to do. And we've already realized that the only thing I know how to do is write. But, you don't need an email telling you that I told someone you don't know that I was sorry I missed her on Tuesday. Do people really like living that way? Do people really enjoy social networking? Because I went to Facebook because I thought Myspace was immature and I was too lazy to delete it. And I hate Facebook more than I could ever hate Myspace. I just feel like all that shit is like lojack on your keyboard.

Anyhow, my whole point is that you will find my virtual presence on both Myspace and Facebook, but don't be upset if I don't reply to you, post pictures, change my status or even know that you've left me comments. I set my facebook up, and I put one, very generic photo of me on there. I'm seriously thinking about taking a lot of shit off my Myspace, but that would require spending more than 30 seconds per week on my Myspace, which does not appeal to me in any way, shape or form. I just don't want to be "out there" right now. If I have anything exciting to tell you, it will probably be here.

If it's really super exciting, then I will call you just like the good old days. Unless I don't have your number, but then I can probably still e-mail you or -- god forbid -- log on to myspace or facebook and leave you a comment.

And then everyone who didn't get the email will know about it, and they can ask me what's up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We had our big meeting at work today. I got a lot accomplished. Maybe I'll catch up after all.

I spent $56 at Target. Not exactly sure how.

I did get that new Scotch pet fur remover, and it's definitely worth the 10 bucks I shelled out for it.

I'm really exhausted today, and I'm in PJs at 7:30. Might be an early night.

I was going to post a picture, but I'm too lazy to look for one. Just know that we've only got about six weeks until vacation, and I am ready to go.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My favorite place in the world

Please pass the limin' coconut and tuna bites...



Well, we had our meeting. Turns out our big, bad insurance company decided to let us keep our insurance plan, even though they told us they'd be phasing it out this year. So, we get one more year of good insurance, and then they'll stick it to us next year.

Special kudos go to my boss, who decided to pay the higher premiums rather than screw us with an outrageous deductible. I'll enjoy this last year with good, cheap insurance.

So, that was a pleasant surprise.

You know what was not a surprise: Clay Aiken came out today. That's good because I didn't figure it out when those pictures of him on surfaced. Or when he made a baby artificially with some 50-year-old lady.

Oh God.

I completely forgot that our insurance company has decided to require our employer to put the sticks to us regarding our health coverage. We're having a meeting to discuss it this afternoon, but you'll remember we were told several months ago to expect a decrease in coverage and an increase in out-of-pocket costs.

I fucking hate insurance companies. Like poison.

I am sure I will keep you all posted, but I suspect this will involve me a) marrying someone with better health insurance or b) moving to Canada.

Why were people pissed when Michelle Obama alluded that she wasn't proud to be an American. I'm not sure I am. Cubans have better health care than we do.

Could someone please explain to me why being a Socialist is bad? I'm confused.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Three cheers ...

... for conch fritters and pasta salad. (I wish I could remember what kind of red drink I was having -- I swear I had bushwackers the first night!)

6-4 RH gang

Woody's Seafood Saloon. Cruz Bay, St. John.

Stalkers need not apply.

Hot Democrats

I got an e-mail talking about how much hotter Republican women are than Democrat women. I know Anne Coulter and Mean Jean Schmidt turn me on. Yeah. OK, so Helen Thomas (who is actually a journalist and has no declared party affiliation that I know of), is not the most attractive of Democrats if you count her.

But I present to you, a list of super-hot (male and female) Democrats:

Ben Affleck and his lovely wife, Jennifer Garner
Maria Shriver
Gwyneth Paltrow
Brad Pitt
Sheryl Crow
Jon Bon Jovi
Tim McGraw
Faith Hill
George Clooney
Jennifer Aniston
Halle Berry
Tyra Banks
Meg Ryan
Matt Damon
Leonardo DiCaprio
Christina Applegate

Do I really need to go on? I shouldn't.

Bob Dole is soooo sexy.

Did I mention George Clooney? Oh well. He's worth mentioning TWICE.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


So, I was craving chocolate. And, because of our gas shortage, I can't go anywhere to get any. Luckily I bought Hershey's cocoa when I was getting our vacation provisions the other day, because I made my world famous brownies.

This is what you eat when you want chocolate on St. John. Here is Sandy, with her poolside birthday surprise -- chocolate cake with mango filling and butter cream icing.

I think we need a Baked in the Sun cake for no apparent reason.


Friday, September 19, 2008


There's no gas in Nashville. OK, at least 85 percent of the stations are out. And I only have a quarter of a tank right now. So, I guess I'm only going to work until I can get some gas. That's kind of scary.

I was supposed to go out Saturday night, and I e-mailed my friend and said: Plans are off if I can't find gas.

The worst part? Ron let everyone leave at 4 to get gas before the other 15 percent of the stations ran out, and the girl I carpool with is in a meeting.

So, I'm sitting at work goofing off because my work was all done before I realized that my ride was not here.

I hear Costco has gas, and it might be worth $50 to get some. Plus, they have cool stuff I don't need for cheap. I always love it when I go there with Will. He laughs at me as I marvel at the giant vats of salsa.

I'm thinking that I'm better off paying the Blockbuster late fee than using precious fuel to return the movie.

They swear we'll get gas next week sometime. Apparently all the refineries in the Southeast are closed because of the hurricane.

Whose idea was it to build them on the ocean anyhow?


You know what sucks?

When people used to be your best friends and now you're reduced to only communicating with them by very infrequent, totally bitchy text messages.

I was so excited to have one friend back in my life, for having someone apologize for not being there when I was hurting and I needed him.

And then I get a super-bitchy message when I've tried to do nothing but help someone. That just sucks.

Still, it makes me sad that we've drifted apart.

Two pictures in one day, although this one I stole from the Internet. Forget TGIF; tonight is TGFP - thank god for painkillers.


White Bay, where such lovely things were invented.


It's all starting to fall into place...

Sunset over Great Cruz Bay, 2007.

Villa Sunset

Song of the day: "Being Drunk's A Lot Like Loving You" by Kenny Chesney.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Even though I suspect I had a little help from my good friend Liquid Courage, I stood up for myself yesterday. I am pretty proud of myself.

A while back, I told you that over the past few months there have been times that I've looked in the mirror and not liked the person who looked back at me. Sometimes it was a physical thing, but more and more lately, it has been an emotional thing, a spiritual thing, a psychological thing. The girl I'd become was a little effed up, so to speak.

There's been anger. There have been plenty of tears. There have been moments where I've still strayed, but I really am trying.

And, I like myself more now. I realize that the body I'm in right now is the one I'm stuck with, although I can make improvements and I'm trying. In the meantime, I am going to dress well and do my hair and maybe even wear a little make-up. I am pretty, even if I'm fat. It's taken me a long time to realize that, but I'm glad I finally do.

I'm working on the spiritual stuff. I had a long talk with the Big Man. I apologized for all the awful things I've done recently, and I know he's going to take care of me and he has a plan for me.

So, while I was loving me last night and looking out with me, I saw a familiar pattern emerge. So, in my drunken state I told the guy who had just asked me out for this weekend that I just wanted to let him know up front that I'm not a prude but if he was looking to get lucky Friday night, he might want to keep looking. Not surprisingly, the forthcoming details of where and when we were going to meet are no longer forthcoming. But at least I won't feel used and like a stupid idiot when I wake up all alone in tangled sheets the next morning.

We all have needs, believe me. And at some point, taking care of those needs is part of the natural progression. But I'm not a whore, and I'm not going to act like one. It really doesn't help the loneliness more than a couple of hours to be that way anyhow...

This picture has nothing to do with the above post. I just miss Ivan and get to see him in 53 (I think!) days:


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Island time

I don't normally endorse products (but who cares if I do? It's my blog), but can I just tell you that all the hype about Lands End swimsuits is for real? They are perfect and worth every excessive dime that you spend on them. I only bought mine because it was $50 off on clearance, but I don't think I've ever been so excited about a swimsuit before. I may abandon the cute $30 one I got from Wal-mart. I'll need both of them, but I can tell you my adorable pink suit will be worn more often...

I'm ready for my trip, and not just because I'm completely smashed on two shakers of painkillers (and the second one I accidentally doubled the rum for a super-oops!).

Beach Break

I am way over vacation planning. Thank goodness I'm pretty sure it's all done. I still haven't located a neat sheet, but I'm working on it. I'm not sure it'll fit in the box anyhow. I need to start packing.

I have been drinking vanilla rum in diet rootbeer to get myself in the island state of mind.

Looking at beautiful vacation pictures helps too.

I don't know much, but I can't wait to get to Hawksnest.


Sound bite

Apparently, Senator Biden was on the Today show (I haven't watched since Katie left, even though she annoyed the hell out of me). And he gave examples of how tax credits could help those of us who are suffering. They would keep us in our homes, help us buy groceries or fill up our gas tanks... Or maybe we might buy a new toaster.

I guess the Republicans thought this was hilarious. That people going out and buying toasters might stimulate the economy. Here's a link to the article on Politico.

The fact that the Republicans are poking fun at Joe Biden just shows how out of touch they are with the everyday person. I am definitely the face of the American middle class. I have an extra job to make ends meet, and while it's not a toaster, I have been putting off buying a BLENDER for months because I cannot afford it. A blender. They cost $20, tops. And I can't afford one because it costs $15 bucks more to fill up my gas tank than it did at the beginning of the year. That's also the cost of a blender, for any Republicans (I'm thinking of Governor Super Bitch) who are mathematically-challenged.

I know in the beginning I said I wasn't sure how Barack Obama can change this country. I'm still not sure. But what I know for sure is that none of us will survive four more years of Republicans who make fun of people who are making a decent living (albeit by working two jobs), and still can't afford a basic household appliance.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Great news!

Guess what?

As of Wednesday (drum roll please), my credit cards will all be paid off. It took many, many months of big payments, but it is all done. I'm so much smarter about money now. I still don't have any, but I'm so much smarter about it.

So, maybe now I can get ahead. I still have some debts to deal with, but I've made great progress, and I'm very excited about having that all paid off.

I am suspecting it would be totally inappropriate to celebrate this occasion by going on a shopping spree. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I love the South!

I am watching a show on PBS right now about -- no joke -- biscuits. I love biscuits, but I can't make them worth a damn. I need to go to the Loveless.

My cat is driving me nuts. She's climbing all over me. I love having her around, but I really wish that she'd leave me alone once in a while. I don't get any rest when I'm downstairs anymore, and that aggravates me. But I do love her.

Tonight for dinner, I used my farmer's co-op eggplant and made eggplant parmigiana (it was good, but I used Ragu with some red wine mixed in). Oh yes, red wine. It was a good meal. I am still loving all the fresh produce, but I know it will be over soon enough...

Monday, September 08, 2008


Does anyone have a mango salsa recipe that rocks?

I promised Rosalie fish tacos, but I have yet to find a mango salsa recipe that blows my skirt up.

A few things...

First of all, Cindy McClain needs some more plastic surgery. Damn.

I've resisted the urge to talk about how she has ONE OUTFIT that would take me TEN YEARS of paychecks to purchase.

Yeah, that's what America needs. And Joe Biden wondered why Governor Crazy Bitch never mentioned the middle class in her speech.

OK, enough about politics. I'm over it for today.

I bought a new roller bag today. I got a ridiculously great deal on it. I noticed my old one was looking a little rough when I went to Ohio for my birthday but had forgotten until I traveled again. It's a miracle that it made it home from Gatlinburg, so now it's time to replace it with a new brown Jansport bag with polka dots on it. I am sure there won't be another one on the luggage carousel.

Now, I just need to get a few loose ends tied up and figure out why the USVI are included in my nationwide plan, but they charge me 69 cents a minute to call there. That's a lot, and they didn't use to charge to call the 340 area code.

I'm pretty tired. I think I might call it a night soon. Isn't that lame? I got up early, so at least I have an excuse. Plus work was busy today. It felt like two hours instead of eight (nine if you consider that I didn't have lunch), but I got tons of work done, including designing some really cool pieces.

More political hostility

I just wanted to make sure that I understand what the Republicans want me to believe.

Basically, because some guy spent however many years in the Hanoi Hilton I should vote for him, or I'm unpatriotic. McCain is old and out-of-touch. And frankly, there's too much chance that Stupid Bitch will become president if he wins.

I would just like to thank Republicans for being elitist, privileged assholes with no concept of how the real American people are living. Because if they weren't, I probably wouldn't feel more warm and fuzzy about Barack Obama with every breath I take.

McCain is a loser. He was a loser in 2000, and he's still a loser eight years later. He might even be a bigger loser now.

If the Democrats lose this election, I am moving to Canada.


So, I was just reading the latest crazy Republican e-mail that one of my friends has sent me. (I'm not sure why she sends them to me, because anyone who knows me knows that I am the polar opposite of Repbulican. I think she might be trying to convert me, but I really don't see that happening unless I accidentally get a lobotomy or something.)

Anyhoo, I contemplated telling her not to send them, but they are somewhat amusing, and the political scientist in me likes to see what the crazies are saying but doesn't have the time and/or energy to figure out where to listen to Sean Hannity here.

This e-mail is definitely top-ten material in my crazy Republican file. Right behind anything that Crazy Bitch says. (I really should stop calling her Crazy Bitch. She could be Vice President. Then again, Crazy Bitch is much nicer than what I call Dick Cheney.)

Apparently some of our more racist and less mentally stable Republicans are trying to get Obama taken off the ballot because -- get this -- they claim he was born in Africa and not Hawaii.

Use your sass here as you say: "Oh no, you didn't."

You see, I have never seen anything to support the claim that Obama was born in Africa. In addition to being a desperate ploy to raise more doubts on his credibility, it's just racist. You know what it says? This man is too black to be President. That's what these racists want you to believe, and that is sick, sick, sick.

But, while we're on this topic. I would like to report that there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that John McCain was not born in the United States. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone, and EVERYONE knows that. So, if I were a Republican, I would not really raise the issue of whether or not Obama is eligible to run because many, many people believe that McCain most likely is not.

And before anyone fights me on this, here's some leisure reading. He probably isn't a natural-born citizen, but I sure don't want Crazy Bitch to be president, so he can run against Obama.

This is from Wikipedia. If you go there, you can see all the sources they cited to come up with this gem, because I'm way too lazy and Article II of the Constitution is not my area of expertise.

John McCain, who ran for the Republican party nomination in 2000 and is the Republican nominee in 2008, was born at the Coco Solo U.S. military base in the Panama Canal Zone to U.S. parents. Although the Panama Canal Zone was not considered to be part of the United States,[6] federal law states: "Any person born in the Canal Zone on or after February 26, 1904, and whether before or after the effective date of this chapter, whose father or mother or both at the time of the birth of such person was or is a citizen of the United States, is declared to be a citizen of the United States."[7] The law that conferred this status took effect on August 4, 1937, one year after John McCain was born — albeit with retroactive effect, resulting in McCain being declared a U.S. citizen.[8] However, the question as to whether or not he is a citizen from birth cannot be answered by this law because (1) it took effect after his birth and (2) it does not state that the person's citizenship was acquired at birth, only that they are a citizen by means of the law's establishment (and, hence, at the time the law takes effect). Indeed, the law in 1936 stated that all persons born to two US citizen parents outside the "limits and jurisdictions of the United States" are citizens at birth, but the problem is that the Panama Canal Zone was explicitly excluded. (8 U.S.C. 173 (1925): "The term 'United States' shall be construed to mean the United States, and any waters, territory, or other place subject to the jurisdiction thereof, except the Isthmian Canal Zone.") The status of Mr. McCain's citizenship at birth nonetheless remains unsettled.[9]

All kinds of randomness

I got up early to work on these five press releases that I need to mail out today. Unfortunately, I can't connect to my work computer, so I will have to do them the second that I get to work. It will be a busy day. No slacking for me.

I'm still a little nervous that we'll get raked over the coals for our mistake on Friday. But, you know what? We had four other people in the office read the newsletter, and the person affected by the mistake said not to worry about it, so I'm going to try not to worry about it.

I just thought of something. I haven't had any trouble with my computer, but Crystal's just died for no apparent reason. I hope there's nothing wrong with mine and that's why I can't connect. But I connected to my machine but couldn't get on the server, so I think it's a server issue. I hope it's not a big server issue, because that would suck more than my own personal computer melting.

I can't believe I got up at 5:30 and can't even work on the project that I wanted to complete. At least I'm practically ready for work at a time that's much earlier than my usual wake-up time.

I'm excited about vacation. I wish it was sooner than it is. I'm really hoping everything will work out. I think it will. We're all super-excited, and we've tied up most of the loose ends. I'm thinking about just getting packed and sending our dry box off and being all done with vacation planning, so it won't stress me out anymore.

I think a lot of it is that we learned our lesson last year, and if we don't buy our stuff for the trip while the summer clearance is going on, we will be in trouble. And, I definitely don't want another shoe store employee to laugh at me if I ask if they have any summer shoes on clearance. Customer service at its finest.

Speaking of customer service, I should tell you about yesterday in Toyland. It was just hell, and some of our customers were real gems. There's this new girl, and I can't figure out if it just takes her a long time to learn things or if she's lazy. All I know is she somehow circumvented the system we have to take returns back without receipts. I'm not going to make too much commentary about the customer she did it for, but I will say we're probably screwed once she tells her friends there's a person there who will take things back without receipts. It's totally against Toyland's corporate policy, and you really can't do it without a manager, but somehow she is getting them through. Oh well, it's not my problem.

I did find out that Special Events Asshole John is going to lose his job because a) they are phasing out events at the store level and just having corporate events and b) they just figured out that he hasn't done anything for two years. Well, I have three words for him: Karma's a bitch.

I told Brian that I will help with these corporate events if he needs me to, especially if John is gone. The sad thing is, my new store could really use corporate events to boost sales, whereas Troy Gentry's kids were getting toys whether the economy was bad or not at the old store. Although we are having a great sales year (our best ever). I think it's because more people are moving out that way.

OK, I think I have wasted a significant amount of time. I should probably finish getting ready for work. We're getting back to carpooling today. I was going to go early to finish this work (although if the server is down, the server is down) but I didn't want to miss the carpool.

One last thought: Waking up at 5:30 a.m. makes you tired by 7. Even with two big cups of coffee.

That Crazy Bitch Sarah Palin's friends are on Good Morning America today. Really, I'm shocked that she has friends. But I'm more shocked about what kids these days call journalism.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

More vacation nonsense

As soon as I get some extra money (read: whenever my damn flexible spending reimbursement check comes), I am getting a new swimsuit and the cutest roller bag ever. My swimsuits are old and worn out, and I bought my roller bag when I was in college for 20 bucks. I'd think I've gotten my money's worth.

To celebrate not sleeping in the Jeep for seven days, I am posting a picture from our villa.

Photobucket Does everyone see the hammock? Good. I called dibs.

Southern Living

So, sometimes I think I have truly become a product of my current Southern living situation. Or at least I know how to take perfectly good, good-for-you fruits and veggies into fat-laden Southern delicacies.

People love my fried green tomatoes. I made those Thursday night, using the last green tomato my mother left me when she was here. (She didn't get to come for her scheduled trip because of grandma being sick.)

They were delicious. Definitely my best effort. I'd like to say the recipe is my own creation, but I found it on the Martha White web site. Anyhow, here it is if anyone would like to try it.

Actually, the frying part is my recipe. The sauce is all Martha.

Make the sauce first. It needs to sit at least an hour in the fridge.
Mix together: 8 oz. sour cream (can be low-fat), 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon dijon mustard and 1 tablespoon horseradish.

Slice 3-4 green tomatoes about 3/8" thick (I don't put much science into that part). Sprinkle them with salt and pepper.

Dredge the tomato slices in flour. Then dip them in a beaten egg, coating both sides. Then coat both sides with corn meal mix. (The recipe says to use white, but I use either. And don't use Jiffy, because that shit has sugar in it.)

Heat oil in a large skillet on medium-high heat. Place tomato slices in the skillet until they cover the bottom. Flip when they are brown, and brown the other side.

Drain on paper towels. Repeat as long as you have tomato slices. Add cooking oil when needed. Serve warm with horseradish sauce.

The other two things that are very Southern that I made recently that have been delicious were peach cobbler (super easy recipe I got from an NPR broadcast many years ago) and squash casserole, which is good but not the Amish recipe my grandma uses.

Peach cobbler

Yellow squash casserole

This recipe isn't Southern, but was a very delicious way to use all the tomatoes I've been getting. It's a tuna and tomato pasta dish. I don't even like fresh tomatoes, and I ate it for three days, so that tells you something. Do not skimp on the fresh basil. That made it. Click here for the recipe, from Food & Wine magazine. Next time I'd use whole-wheat pasta, to make it healthier. And maybe less olive oil, even though it's a good fat.

Right now, I am thinking of recipes to make on vacation. We've got some food allergies so this could be very interesting... I'm leaning toward just throwing shit on the grill.

This was the first farmer's co-op week without my grandma to decipher what's in my box and help me come up with meals, so I think I'm managing OK. I just wish she'd get better soon, because her squash casserole is so much better than the recipe I used.

Up next: Apple crisp!

P.S. I tried fried okra, and it was OK but not the best. Jane says my breading is off, and she's emailing me a better recipe. I will report back if I get more okra in my box next week. This week I gave it to Julie, because I just couldn't eat it again, and she loves it.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why do we drift apart

Today, I talked to a friend I hadn't talked to in a few weeks. We used to be pretty close and talk about all kinds of things. Yeah, we were pretty close, but somewhere along the way we started drifting apart. Our schedules didn't mesh. I think he thought I wanted to be more than friends (I didn't) and pushed me away a little... Anyhow, I had remembered that he was looking for a groomer for his dog. I had also remembered that one of my coworkers used this groomer across the street from his work. I drove by there today and sent him an email when I got back to my desk.

He emailed me back and told me he appreciated the tip, but he had given his dog away.

That's all his note said.

And I sat there for a few minutes and cried.

How do you go from being good friends who talk about anything to not knowing anything about each other. I don't know how it happens, but it seems to happen a lot lately.

What do you do besides cry? I tried to ask more questions, but I guess we can't hit rewind and go back to where we were.

I have so much love and care to give for people, and it's just hard to accept when friendships run their courses, even when I know it's for the best.

It might've been with him, maybe not. We had fun while it lasted, had a lot in common and enjoyed each other's company. But maybe that's just not enough...

I've got two tickets to paradise...

Every time I work on vacation stuff, I sing that song in my head. (Except now I have "That song in my head" by Julianne Hough stuck in there...) But I digress.

Plane tickets. Check.
Villa. Pretty sure this is a check.
Jeep rental (for $350 -- patting myself on the back). Check.

One full week of doing nothing but drinking rum, getting sunburned and listening to Bob Marley? Super check!

Get ready, St. John, because "No Stalkers Allowed 2008" is coming to your city!!! (That "city" being Coral Bay.)

I already know that Saturday night is cheeseburgers at Skinny Legs. Moe, get my mango painkiller ready!

Song of the day: "Vacation" by the Go-gos.

Photo of the day: The view from the top of Bordeaux Mountain.
Bordeaux Mountain