Does anybody read these?

Monday, April 27, 2009


Everyone who knows me knows that being from Detroit, I love cars.

Some of you might even know that my dream car is the 1968 Pontiac GTO convertible, preferably yellow with a black top.

Not that I'll ever have one, but that's why it's called a "dream" car.

Being that I love GTOs, it makes perfect sense that I love the song "Little GTO."

But you know what I don't love?

Idiots who think that song was sung by the Beach Boys. It wasn't. It was sung by Ronny and the Daytonas. The Beach Boys who are still around did cover the song for a NASCAR tribute album a few years ago, but they didn't sing it in the 1960s.

I don't know why this is so hard for people to grasp. What made me think about it was an article today about GM giving the Pontiac brand its death sentence today in which they referenced Pontiac's iconic performance cars, and of course that they even inspired a Beach Boys song.

Seriously, does no one at the AP have Google? How can you write a story about cars without knowing your car trivia?

OK, I have to stop bitching and start working, but this is a sad day for me. Not that I wanted the 2004 GTO when I saw it, but my first new car WAS a Pontiac. I even looked at a Vibe before I bought my HHR, but it was smaller.

Let me tell you, the HHR is going to be really nice when we drive to Florida next month. Especially now that Paul is fixing my Toys R Us schedule and I might actually have gas money. (And the HHR might not get repo'd.)

Still very sad about the death of Pontiac, especially for Trans Am lovers. (But have y'all seen the new Camaro?! It's actually pretty cool.)

Song of the day: "Shuttin' Detroit Down" by John Rich.

P.S. Sent my dealer survey in to GM today. I hate to talk ill of the dead, but I actually wrote, "I love General Motors and I really enjoy my vehicle. It's not your fault the dealership really sucks."

Oh, and also, speaking of John Rich, did y'all see that Kris Kristofferson is in that video? I just love him. I'd rather that the song had not been made, because I hate what's happening in the auto industry, but the video is good. Really, maybe just one person will see it and not buy a Honda.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was just about to announce that I was going to stop moderating the comments because everyone has been behaving so well for years now. I was pretty excited about this because I really do hate censorship and all.

Of course, then I got a comment that reminded me why I moderate the comments.

It was either from the most socially inept person on the planet, who was slightly mean to be quite honest (and no, I didn't know this person, even though she kindly left her e-mail address), or it was spam.

I would guess it was the latter, but I don't really know why. It was way too awful and disgusting to publish here or even excerpt, but I will sum up the hate-fest and what made me think the person posting it was either a computer or the biggest moron to ever roam the Earth.

First off, it was on a post that I made about three years ago when I first moved to Nashville. Yeah, OK.

Secondly, it started out about the White House Easter Egg hunt, which was completely irrelevant. And then it went on a rather intense tirade about the whole Obama family, which didn't really make sense, but I could-might want to forward it to the Secret Service. Such class, so little time.

Then it launches into some dirty sex thing which I don't really see what that has to do with a) the original post, b) the Obamas and c) Easter egg hunts. I also don't see what it has to do with me, because I am obviously not a man and can't really provide what "Judy" was looking for.

If someone was trying to be funny, they failed miserably. If they were trying to spam, they still failed miserably. If they were trying to offend, well, that didn't really work either. I'm just confused.

Of course, maybe this random stranger is a big, giant attention whore (and quite possibly, from the sex stuff, a real whore, too!). In which case, they got what they wanted.

I do like to fan the flames with attention whores around here. They're so much fun to make fun of.

I'm going to some charity thing for Africa tonight that Big Kenny is putting on, and I really hope I don't have to interact with him. He scares me.

Not as much as little Kenny, but that's a whole 'nother therapy session.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I have no time to write. I'd planned to work over the weekend to try to get ahead because I'm beyond swamped at work, and someone just gave me another assignment. I guess I'm not going to lunch and staying late today. Actually, I'm probably doing that all week.

You just can't make weekend plans when it's the only time you get to see your little two-year-old terror, who, I might mention, was in fine form this weekend. I just don't like to not spend time with her when we only get 48 hours a week to see her. I hate that I have to work on the weekends, but since I'm the only person with a job, I guess that is just how it's going to be.

But, I do have to do my work. I need to go do it now, and I'll probably be doing it non-stop for the next three weeks. Maybe I'll get the nerve to bitch more about work soon. I did google myself (that still sounds kind of dirty) and my blog doesn't come up, so I highly doubt anyone would see it if I did go off about the current state of professional affairs.

However, I just keep trudging along hoping that it'll get better. We'll see...

With that, I must get ready for the Monday-morning meeting. I didn't want to dive too deep into my 20 million projects, because I know I'm going to get called away soon. But when I get back, it's time to lock myself in here. I don't know my schedule at Toys R Us this week, but don't expect to hear from me much.

Unless, of course, I need to bitch so that I don't haul off and hit someone. That could happen.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I don't think I've ever gone almost a month without posting before. Luckily, I am too poor to eat lunch today because I am refinancing my car this week. Yes, I'll be temporarily broke, but I will save $4,000 and 18 months of payments to do this. I have to pay a downpayment, which I should've done in the first place, but let's just say I've learned lots of lessons about buying a car, and leave it at that.

Except that I want to bitch and moan about how it might've been a little stupid to buy a car with the uncertainty of the economy and life in general. But considering that General Motors might not be around much longer and a larger car is better for me and my new-found family, I really think I made a good decision.

And while the white is dirty all the freaking time, the chrome sure does pop!

As for my salesman, they've found the person who they believe murdered him, and he is still in jail. I still haven't dealt with the XM radio because a) I have been busy and b) I'm not really sure I care anymore. It's $15/month I don't really want to spend, although it does make a lot of sense to call and ask them to fix an option your car was supposed to have in the first place. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow on my fake lunch break, since I've spent today's working on this.

Life has been so busy lately. I have a new boss at work, and it's very different. I'm just doing my job and trying not to make waves. Nothing's really changed for me except that I don't really have any direction and guidance. In some ways I'm doing more work, in other ways, I'm not. Actually, I have a new boss at both places. Things are definitely easier in Toyland, because my hours have been significantly cut. Luckily, I am using my earned time off and vacation time lately, or I'd be completely broke. I am in the process of writing a note to the student loan people explaining that my hours have been cut and I'm going to need to change my payment plan.

But, really, I'm trying to be happy with my not-so-smart decision to purchase a new car just because it was Monday or whatever reason it was.

Things are going well with Chris. We had a heart-to-heart last night, and I think that really helped. I know we love each other, and I suspect that we'll be together until we get sick of each other. At least I hope so.

The religion issue is less than ideal, but if God wants us to be together, he will work it out. I am spending more time with Shelby, and I just want us to have a family and live happily ever after. I made my very first Easter basket this weekend, and it was a hit. I didn't give her too much stuff, because that's not what Easter is about.

I like being a kinda-sorta stepmom. It really is the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm about to go broke with all her friend's/cousins' birthday parties (the first one was Saturday, and it was so lovely it might get a separate post). But that beautiful, blond little angel makes it all worth it. I told Chris last night that once we figure out what the hell we're doing here, he gets two tries to get a little boy. And if that little boy has coke-bottle glasses because of the eye disease, he can't say a word because I warned him.

Speaking of me, little boys and eye diseases, it's that time of year again. The Vision Walk is May 16 here in Nashville, and I need to raise money so that maybe my little boy -- whenever he gets here -- might be able to see for his whole, entire life. So, if you're reading this and have even a few bucks to spare, let me know. I'd really appreciate it. I'd like for my team to raise $1,000 this year, but I don't even know who my team is at this point. Yikes.

For those of you who are in Nashville (does anyone from Nashville read this anymore), as I mentioned we could use walkers for the Vision Walk and afterwards, there is going to be a super-fun cookout/beach party kind of thing at my house. I'm getting a tiki hut inflatable cooler, if that sweetens the deal.

Part of the reason that I haven't been around is because I fell and hurt myself. I am doing much better, but I did miss several days of work and had 17 stitches and took lots of pain meds. I still have bad moments (especially because my teeth still hurt), but I'm about a million times better than I was.

Chris is meeting my family this weekend. I'm kind of nervous, even though I'm 33 years old and live 400 miles away from them, so it doesn't particularly matter to me if they hate him. But I can't imagine anyone hating him. He took care of me when I was hurt, and he just takes care of me in general. We're a very good team, even though we're very, very different.

I hope that is a good mish-mashed update for everyone. I need to get back to work (even though I didn't take a whole hour). Just wanted everyone to know I am alive and practically well. I'm just very, very busy.