Does anybody read these?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Settling in

So, I am slowly but surely moving into the new house. Of course, I have to have everything out of Jane's house this weekend, so I guess it's about to become a whirlwind. But I have done a lot, so I am not too worried about it.

I went and bought bed linens today because I unexpectedly upgraded from a full-sized bed to a queen. I have also bought light fixtures. I have also paid outrageous amounts of money to have the cable and electricity turned on. I feel like when you sign a contract on a house, a vaccuum cleaner gets put in your purse and starts sucking all the money out.

Eventually there will be painting and new living room furniture. At some point, I might put in a breakfast bar. It will all be very exciting.

I am finally breaking down and getting my laptop fixed next week. I hear rumors that people miss me :) Plus, wireless internet is expensive, and I need to get my money's worth.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is where I would write what I want to write if I wanted people in my business. Maybe someday I will tell you all the whole story. Maybe it will all blow over and everything will work out just fine.

I am beginning to wonder if I just might be cursed, because even easy things don't turn out being easy.

And I am just about over it. Because everything I am doing to try to improve my life is just not working out either. It gets very frustrating.

Maybe I will know more tomorrow. I hope so, because tomorrow really is the cut-off date in my mind.

And, before any of you who read this get in some sort of passive-aggressive tizzy thinking that I am making some thinly veiled insult at you, I want to let you all know that I know for a fact that the only person who could even think this is about them does not read this blog.

But really (as usual with my blog), this is just about me. And I know I didn't say much, but I had to say something before my head explodes. From now on when I'm frustrated, I will just hum the theme to "The Smurfs."

Fa la la la la la ...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We are the World

So, I finally broke down and watched the new We are the World video.

First off, I have to agree with everyone (and by "everyone," I mean just about everyone in the free world) who said they shouldn't have remade it. Some things are better left untouched. This is why whenever they do those "Best Songs in the History of Country Music" concerts, George Jones always sings "He Stopped Loving Her Today" himself. Seriously, who has the balls to cover that?

With all that in mind, here are my observations.

The good:
I loved the part where they showed Michael and Janet was singing his part. I cried real tears.
The rap at the end. Maybe it's because it was new. Maybe it's because it has and LL Cool J. I'm not sure. I liked it.
I also think that Lil Wayne did a good job with Bob Dylan's part. Now I know he was worried because he can't sing (and he really can't), but honestly, neither can Dylan, if you think about it.
Jennifer Hudson. I love her. She's a class act and pure talent.
Jamie Foxx rocking the Stevie Wonder part. Very cool.

OK, now the bad:
The whole premise. Some things are just untouchable.
Not including any of the artists from the previous version (although the inclusion of MJ in video clips rocked it. Probably my favorite part. Wonder why?)
Miley Cyrus. Celine Dion. Jennifer Nettles. And, even Fergie. Yes, Fergie. Awful. Pure awful. (The good thing about Miley oversinging is that maybe she'll blow her vocal cords out soon and have a short career.)

Lastly, this is neither good nor bad but when I saw Gladys Knight on there, I couldn't believe that she wasn't on the original. And I can't believe how much Mary J. Blige looks like a young Gladys Knight when she wears sunglasses.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thought of the day

I was just wondering why every time Republicans think they can be funny, they always whip out some stupid drivel about Ted Kennedy and the car accident that killed Mary Jo Kopechne.

But no one ever mentions that Laura Bush killed her high school boyfriend in a car accident.

Not saying that it's right to bring up either thing. In fact, I think that it's classless and insensitive. I just haven't pointed out the inconsistencies in their rhetoric lately. Of course, why am I getting upset with people who keep asking to see a damn birth certificate that is public record and that I personally have seen a half-dozen times or so?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Snow and other fun stuff

First of all, today is the first day I have left my house since Friday at 11 a.m. I have cooked all kinds of yummies (which I will get on the blog eventually). I even made pie crust from scratch, which wasn't that hard. So I guess something good came out of the fact that I could not get off the icy mountain to go to Kroger.

I cleaned and started thinking about packing, only to realize that I have no boxes. I need to work on that. I'll see about getting some at work, just as soon as it's safe enough to go there again.

So, now I am at work trying to catch up on the day that I pretty much missed Friday. I am leaving early today to beat the ice freezing back up after dark, but there is plenty to be done.

I thought I'd take a second to tell you all about the house. I wasn't planning on buying a house. And I surely wasn't planning on buying a house that costs more than my current place to live. However, a friend of mine got transfered for her work and has to get rid of her house pretty quickly. She offered to sell it to me for what she paid for it three years ago, which is still less than what it's worth.

I always said I would never be one of those people who bought a house and rented out rooms to pay for it, but why not? Right now I am living in someone else's guest room so she can pay her mortgage. Why not pay my own mortgage and let someone else live one of my guest rooms (I have two). I don't have to share a bathroom and I don't have to worry about Portia ruining someone else's furniture. I might even get a little dog or another cat so Portia has a friend once I am settled in.

I would have loved to stay in the neighborhood where I was, but I am getting a much better deal and I will be closer to work. And besides, I think we can all agree that it is time for a fresh start.

Even though I hate the thought of leaving West Nashville and my cute little condo with its deck and little yard, I love the idea of having a new place that is all my own. And I really love the idea of not being haunted by memories. I think that will be the best part. Because in my current house, I close my eyes and I see me, Chris and Shelby just like it was yesterday. And it wasn't yesterday. It was ages ago.

I told someone yesterday that it's not that I am hanging on to the good times. I don't even remember the good times anymore. I just don't know how to stop loving them. I am sure one day I will forget them, just like the good times. Until then, I'll just cry. It doesn't hurt anything to cry. If nothing else, all the pain reminds me that relationships are pointless and overrated, so I don't have to worry about getting my heart ripped out again. That's not a bad thing.