Does anybody read these?

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm back

I am back and finally starting to get into a groove at home. I am cooking my meals all weekend and I might even unpack some stuff. Yay!

It will be nice when things finally settle down. I don't feel like it's my house just yet. Not to mention that I went to Toma's house and got all kinds of great ideas to make my home more homey. It won't ever be as beautiful as hers, but we can try.

Florida was great. We ran around like nuts, but I just might be stocked up on major league baseball for now. And I not only got to see my Juanito, but his primo Dante, and play with two babies. They are just so precious.

I also got to meet the Stanfords, and they are great. It will be nice to have them as part of our family. And that is starting to feel real, since we picked out dresses on Tuesday. I will see if I can find a link. They are very pretty.

Things are starting to pick up. Maybe someday I'll even be happy again. We'll see...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I am heading off in less than 24 hours to visit my little chubby sobrino, Juanito, for his baptism. It's also nice that he lives near the beach. I am planning to teach him about sun, sand and key lime pie while I visit.

Yes, I am the best aunt ever.

I get to see my beloved Tigers play in the Grapefruit League (vs. The Blue Jays, but you can't win them all).

I am going to make my world-famous (OK, just-at-my-house-famous seafood quiche) using fresh seafood.

I'm going to eat a Cuban Sandwich made by real Cubans.

I'm going to talk in Spanish with strangers (and relatives).

I'm going to see my lovely friend Toma, whom I miss more than you can imagine, and maybe stay in her Golden Girls house. ("Thank you for being a friend...")

I'm going to eat conch fritters and key lime pie, but I am not going to drink mojitos, because I am three weeks sober. Yay, lent! (Or Cruzan Voodoo Juice, even though I know there is somewhere in Marathon that still makes it. Really.)

I am going to be with my ENTIRE family for the first time since Lance's wedding, plus I get to meet our new family members: The Stanfords!

I am going to get a tan and have "beach hair." I will look hot!

The song of the day: "Miami" by Will Smith. True confession time: EVERY time I arrive in Miami, I play this song the second I can get to my iPod. Not joking. When I am on the plane (even for my layover to da islands), the second I hit the terminal, I start it up. When I drive, it is the minute I see the sign that says "Now entering Miami-Dade County." I kick it on and sing along. It is also fun to play when you're driving through South Beach with the windows down. Yeah, I'm a tourist. Can't you see the license plates?

Bienvenidos a Miami.

As always, this blog will take a break while I'm gone. I disconnect on vacation. If you need me, call or text my cell, but don't expect a prompt response.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Dear A#@hole,

I don't normally give people the satisfaction of getting their own post on my blog when they upset me. But this isn't a normal circumstance. And this is the last word, so you need to shush. And really, you should just walk away after you read this. It's super pathetic to stalk someone on the Internet after they've moved on. And if I hadn't before this morning, well I have now.

You posted anonymously on here, apparently thinking I wasn't smart enough to figure out who you were. But the person who posted was from California, and I know two people in California. Since the other one is at work and doesn't have access to a computer there, well, I didn't have to be Albert Einstein.

Cute use of the teen slang and spelling errors to throw me off your track. You are just proving what I have suspected for a while: You're at least a little sociopathic.

What I don't know is how you found out that about my business, because I only told three people in the world, and your busy-body ass definitely wasn't one of them. So, this means I have to put more people in time out. I hate that.

Anyhow, this is done. I am not fighting with you, because you are not worth oxygen. You are just an annoyance, like when someone steps in dog shit. So, I am going to wipe my shoe and move on.

I suggest you try to do the same.