Does anybody read these?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whole lotta updates

First, quick house update: loan is approved, house passed inspection. Now I wait to see when I get to close. Trying to decide if I really need to shut the utilities off from the inspection and turn them back on when I close. Haven't done it yet, and no one's said anything. But I don't want to screw anything up either. Oh, I'm also waiting to hear from the homeowners' association about putting a fence around my deck because it's up so high.

In this new-fangled effort to improve myself, I've worn jewelry to work today. I even sprayed on a nice perfume. I have not, however, attempted to put on make-up. That will require waking up earlier. It's a miracle I am awake and clothed when I arrive here each morning. However, the new house has a separate tub and shower and being that I'm not a huge fan of teeny-tiny showers, I will probably start taking baths in the evening and adjusting my routine. Perhaps that will translate to time for make-up. We'll see, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Some people are just not girly.

House. Girliness. What else?

Oh, because I am down to only a few pairs of pants that still fit, I am going to get serious about losing weight starting Jan. 1. I know everyone says that, but I have to. I'm starting to feel unhealthy, and I don't like that feeling. I know I'll never be thin, but I'd really love to fit into my pants. I'm not going back to Weight Watchers, though. Or at least that's not the current plan. I suck ass at keeping track of points. I think I am going to check out the local TOPS club next week. I had a lot of success with TOPS. Maybe I can do that again. And the gym. No matter what, there will be lots of quality time at the gym in the new year.

As a matter of fact, I think I'll call them to inquire about tomorrow. I'm done stressing about the house, so I guess I'll work on the next thing, which is me.

Not that I'm a fan of resolutions (although we currently have: make more of an effort on personal appearance, floss and lose weight listed), but I am going to work on my novel in 2012. Not necessarily because it's a new year, but because there is apparently a market for it, and I'm going to try it out.

Not much going on around here. I think I am going to make dinner tonight and then veg on the TV with a movie. I got that new Justin Timberlake one for Christmas, and that doesn't sound like a bad time.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm boring right now.

There's not much to say these days. My life is completely and totally consumed with the drama that is involved with purchasing a home and probably pissing off a friend.

I have a home inspection Wednesday. Home inspections are expensive, especially when your realtor tells you that you have to pay to have the utilities turned on for one day. Have you ever done that? Hella expensive.

I passed my home-buyer education course; my loan is pretty much wrapped up. I am completely and totally broke and can't use my credit cards at Christmas, but other than that, life's OK.

Everything is fine in the grand scheme of things. I'm not going to end up homeless. I got a really great deal on a house that has some plusses from mine and some minuses. It will be home soon enough (pending inspection). The eye twitch is a little less active, although now I've started having very odd dreams...

While this has been stressful and probably will be for the next month or so, I think at the end of the day we will look back and see this has all been a blessing...

I'm leaving Friday morning to spend a few days with my family. Maybe I'll have something new to talk about when I get back. Sorry to be so boring lately.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Burnin' down the house

OK, not really. We're just moving.

So, more on the saga of the house. I have worked my ass off over the last two years to get myself in the financial position to buy the house I've been renting on a lease-purchase agreement. And, it worked. I got myself approved for the mortgage, and everything was going well.

Until the appraisal came back.

Thirty thousand dollars too low.

Yes, that says $30,000.

Which would be the exact amount that the person I was buying the house from needed to recoup what she'd put into it.

I think you see where this is going.

She won't sell and lose her ass. Her suggestion was for us to continue our arrangement until the market picks back up.

But, I don't see why I need to lose my ass, which is what would happen if I continued renting to have the privilege of paying an extra $30,000 for the same house that's down the street.

So, I'm not going to. I've hired a Realtor and I'm trying to buy that house down the street. I should know next week. I really love my neighborhood, so I'm hoping it works out.

If not, there are other options. In some ways, some options are better (Hello, finished basement!) and/or "naked hot tub deck." In other ways, they are not as good. For example, the den/kitchen combo that was the only thing I ever wanted in my house so that the kitchen could be the central gathering place where people gathered, cooked and socialized? None of the other houses had that. So, I will still have to make a mock fireplace. I might get a window I can put next year's Christmas tree in front of.

I'm also going to lose the upstairs loft, which we just used to store crap before it got to the attic. The bedrooms are bigger, which makes that easier to swallow. And, I get to pick out a bright, new fridge and stove. Hello, double oven.

I will keep you all posted. Say a little prayer. I'm hoping this works out, because we're going on Week Three of the nervous eye twitch, and it's starting to get annoying.

Not as annoying as re-boxing all my stuff and renting a Uhaul, but annoying nonetheless.